Re-elect Patricia Soutas-Little

What People Say

A commitment to working for all
Centerville and Leland residents deserve a leader like Patricia Soutas-Little. As our County Commissioner in District 5, she has championed new support services for families of young children and fought to preserve critical senior services. Patricia has worked diligently to bring reliable high-speed internet to more households, responded to demand for additional recycling centers, and advocated for the simplification of permitting processes for residential construction. She has demonstrated her commitment to working for all residents, regardless of party affiliation, and has taken a stand against racism in our community. We are proud to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little on November 3.

Joe & Leah Mosher

Soutas-Little has made a difference to our County
Patricia Soutas-Little has made a difference to our County.  She has demonstrated her commitment to the County through her leadership on Early Childhood, Sr. Services, Land Bank, Solid Waste Council, and a number of Leelanau County initiatives including broadband expansion, recycling, and housing.  Her intellect, prior experience, knowledge base, energy level, integrity, and history of problem solving make her a valuable member of the County Commission. A vote for Patricia is a vote for strong leadership, civil and thoughtful conversation, teamwork, problem solving, consensus building, and wise stewardship. 

Ty Wessell

We need her thoughtful, caring service
Patricia Soutas-Little is a County Commissioner who is a tireless worker for all of Leelanau County. During her 4-year tenure Patricia has been a leader in many important areas, including early childhood support and internet connectivity for all in our county. She makes sure to stay informed by attending the monthly township board meetings within her district, sharing information and listening to constituents’ concerns across party lines. We need her thoughtful, caring service. Don’t forget, if you vote a straight party ticket, you can also vote for someone from another party. Vote for Patricia on Nov. 3.

Judy Reinhardt

Working to gain high-speed internet service
As a member of the Leelanau Internet Futures Team (LIFT) I want to acknowledge the incredible work Partricia Soutas-Little has done in working to gain high-speed internet service throughout Leelanau County. Patricia has spent countless hours working towards a solution to the challenges we face in Leelanau. Patricia, as both LIFT Chairperson and County Commissioner, brings incredible knowledge and energy to help solve the challenges we face to insure that Leelanau County continues to be the desirable home we all know and love. Thank you Patricia!

Field Carden
Suttons Bay

Return Patricia for another term
Patricia Soutas-Little has worked tirelessly as a Leelanau County Commissioner the past six years on a number of issues of importance to county residents across the political spectrum. Among others, she continues to work to create full access to high-speed internet and broadband, especially to the pockets scattered throughout the county which lack access. She has worked to streamline building permitting, increase recycling sites, for Brownfield redevelopment of industrial and commercial sites, for more affordable housing in the county and for Senior and Early Childhood Development programming. Please consider returning Patricia for another term.

Elizabeth Marshall
Lake Leelanau

An exceptional public servant
I am writing to endorse Patricia Soutas-Little for Leelanau County Commissioner for Leland and Centerville townships. I served alongside Patricia on the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation, and I collaborated with her for the last four years while I served as a Trustee on the Leland Township Board. Patricia is an exceptional public servant. She is fair minded, listens intently, and seeks to understand other points of view. She is easily the most persistent individual that I have ever met, and she brings proven experience to the position. I strongly encourage you to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little in the November election.

Michael Collins

Soutas-Little is the clear choice
In the Centerville and Leland Townships County Board of Commissioners race, regardless of what political party you align with, vote for Patricia. Her six years on the County Board of Commissioners has provided her with the experience and excellent record the citizens of Leelanau County have learned to count on. She is the clear choice due to her work and dedication to improving services for senior citizens, children, high-speed internet, re-cycling and building permitting. In this election, you can vote on both sides of the ticket and not spoil the ballot. Vote for Patricia.

Janis Frazee

An excellent track record
Please re-elect Patricia Soutas-Little for Commissioner. She is extremely helpful, dedicated, qualified and has an excellent track record with the residents over her past terms. Her list of accomplishments is very impressive.

Doug Matthies
Lake Leelanau

Demonstrated commitment, vision and focus
For over a decade, I have served on boards with Patricia Soutas- Little: Internet/broadband expansion (LIFT), early childhood services (LECDC), Senior Services task force, and Suttons Bay Rotary. In each of these efforts, she has demonstrated commitment, vision, and a focus on improving the lives of our residents. This has required enormous dedication, an overwhelming time commitment, and perseverance in the face of many barriers.

Residents of District 5 have a unique candidate to support her. Our lives will continue to be enriched by her service.

Mary Tonneberger

All about performance
In a world where choosing between candidates for political office usually leaves us sorting through partisan prejudice and posturing we are fortunate to have a candidate with Patricia Soutas-Little’s record of performance. She has been a tireless advocate for children’s and senior services, county-wide internet availability, making building and Road Commission codes more “user friendly,” action on Sugarloaf redevelopment, waste recycling and much more. When it comes to making government work for her district and Leelanau County she has set the standard. Let’s recognize how fortunate we are to have her and return her to office!

David D. Hunter

A champion of old and young alike
During her six years of service as Leelanau County Commissioner Patricia Soutas- Little has worked tirelessly for all her constituents regardless of political party, serving on numerous boards and committees. Patricia chaired the effort to establish Early Childhood Development Services for families and young children and spearheaded efforts to make high speed internet available throughout Leelanau County. She relentlessly continues in these endeavors. A champion of old and young alike, she has served on the Leelanau County Senior Services Advisory Committee for several years, working to maximize services available to Leelanau seniors.

Fran Eckerson

Experienced leader who looks to the future
Having attended a number of Centerville Township meetings over time, I have to note that Patricia Soutas-Little has always been there as our county commissioner to provide information and updates on issues of importance. Patricia is an independent thinking experienced leader who looks to the future. Her bipartisan focus on promoting small business and agriculture in Leelanau County benefits everyone. This issue based approach on what’s best for our entire county is why we need her for another term. Please vote to re-elect Patricia Soutas- Little as Leelanau County District 5 Commissioner.

Dave Borton
Lake Leelanau

Dedicated to helping improve the lives of people
I have had the pleasure of working under the leadership of Patricia Soutas-Little on the LIFT Task Force, charged with developing a plan to extend high speed internet access to all residents of Leelanau County. I soon realized this is not an easy task nor is it a “quick fix.” I have seen first hand Patricia’s ability to bring key stakeholders together and organize actions to ensure progress forward. Her dedication to helping improve the lives of people in Leelanau County is impressive, and I urge you to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little as District 5 County Commissioner.

Mary Ann Borton
Lake Leelanau

Works tirelessly for Leelanau businesses
Patricia Soutas-Little and I serve together on the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation’s Board of Directors. Patricia is the Chairperson and I am the President. The Foundation was formed in order to support the Leelanau business community by providing resources, programming, and collaborative opportunities, throughout Leelanau County. Patricia works countless hours addressing the challenges facing our county’s business community.
Patricia is also the Chairperson of the Leelanau Internet Futures Team which is instrumental in helping bring high speed internet to all of Leelanau County.
I encourage you to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little for Leelanau County Commissioner.

Tim Haring
Lake Leelanau

We need to support those who are dedicated to all
Election Day is almost here and we all have choices to make. Those in District 5 (Leland, Centerville Townships) have an excellent opportunity- to support Patricia Soutas-Little for re-election to the County Board. Patricia has been a tireless advocate for improvements for all county citizens and she has held numerous leadership positions. She spearheaded improving broad band Internet services to the county, supported expanding services to seniors, and has headed up the Early Childhood Development Commission for 6 years. We need to support those who are so dedicated to the well-being of all residents.

Mary Tonneberger

An advocate for all citizens of Leelanau County
During her tenure as county commissioner Patricia Soutas-Little has worked hard for Leelanau County. She has been instrumental in continued, successful efforts making revitalization of Sugarloaf, high speed internet, affordable housing, and early childhood education her priorities. Patricia advocates for seniors and all citizens of Leelanau county. She understands how local government works and doesn’t.  Her educational background, common sense approach and knowledge of local issues make her the ideal choice for re-election as county commissioner representing Centerville/Leland townships.
Leelanau County will continue to be in good hands with a vote for Patricia Soutas-Little.

Gaytha McVay
Lake Leelanau

No better person to serve as Commissioner
This letter supports the candidacy of Patricia Soutas-Little for re-election to the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners.  Patricia is an amazing person, with an extensive background in public service. She has degrees in engineering and biomechanics, and has spearheaded efforts to make high-speed internet available here.  As Chair of the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation she plans to work with Sugarloaf owners on plans to establish a four-star resort. She serves on the County Construction Codes Authority Committee, the Leelanau County Family Coordinating Council, and with many other local groups.  I can think of no better person to serve as Commissioner.

Barbara Abbott,
Lake Leelanau

An inclusive nature and practical approach
Please join me in re-electing Patricia Soutas-Little as our county commissioner.  I urge you to do this based on my experience in working with Soutas-Little these past two years on the Leelanau Internet Futures Team (LIFT).  Soutas-Little’s leadership, inclusive nature and practical approach have made LIFT a high performing team that is finding ways to bring high speed internet to all of us.  Soutas-Little’s commitment to us, her constituents, drives every decision she makes.  On November 6, please vote and remember to cast your vote for PatriciaSoutas-Little.

David Edelstein,

The skills to find creative solutions
Patricia Soutas-Little has done an outstanding job representing Centerville and Leland Townships on the County Commission. She is a no-nonsense commissioner who works hard for us all. She is a unifying force, who is unconcerned with one’s party affiliation, but quite interested in your views as a Leelanau County resident. You will not find a better listener than Patricia Soutas-Little. She has the skills to find creative solutions to problems, and her record speaks for itself.  She has my vote to represent us on the County Commission.

Debra Kuhn,
Centerville Township

An advocate for community needs
Patricia’s heartfelt dedication to Leelanau County is clear and is seen in her frequent bi-partisan collaborations and strong problem solving abilities.    Patricia listens to and serves her constituents well. She demonstrates strength, kindness and honest leadership. She continually advocates for a variety of community needs and concerns from early childhood to the golden years. She works hard in pursuit of quality affordable child-care, housing and livable wages, while she aims to strengthen the economic vitality of small businesses and the agricultural industry. Patricia Soutas-Little is the most qualified person to serve District #5.

Jane Wilde,

She gets things done
I have had the pleasure of knowing Patricia Soutas-Little, current County Commissioner from District 5.  Patricia has been a stellar commissioner.  She is on top of the concerns and issues in the county.  She listens to the concerns, research’s them and then tries to get support to make improvements.  I have seen this first hand with the Leelanau Internet Futures Team (LIFT) and the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation (LPEF) that we both serve on. She gets things done. Please join me in supporting Patricia for Re-Election.

James Bardenhagen,
Suttons Bay

Real accomplishments from a real problem solver
Re-elect Patricia Soutas-Little for Commissioner for Leland and Centerville Townships. She is a proven problem solver who understands Leelanau County’s needs, including completing the High Speed Internet Project, insuring economic vitality, and increasing opportunities for quality early childhood services through public/private partnerships.

Soutas-Little was instrumental in the success of the recent millage for senior services, helping allow seniors to remain healthy and in their homes for as long as they want. Her goal is to help implement important community-based services, while working collectively within the funding that’s in place. We urge you to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little.

Rebecca Reynolds & Jim Carpenter,

Vote Patricia for long term sustainable policies
I am writing in support of the candidacy of Patricia Soutas Little. Patricia does her homework, educates herself deeply on issues of import to our community and understands the interconnectedness of the many challenges and opportunities that our residents face. Patricia will never be one looking for the quick fix, but will promote long term, sustainable and sensible policies and practices that will support our environment and citizens. We have many decisions to make as we prepare to vote, but this decision is a simple one to make.

Maggie Sprattmoran
Lake Leelanau

Early Childhood Education
I have worked for several years with Patricia Soutas-Little on issues related to early childhood in Leelanau County.  I have a great deal of respect for her dedication, work ethic and integrity.  Leelanau County will be well served by returning her to the County Commission.

Michael Murray
Elmwood Township

An impressive record of leadership
Patricia Soutas-Little, a retired MSU faculty member in Engineering, has an impressive record of community leadership.  In her 4 years serving as County Commissioner Patricia spearheaded and coordinated efforts to make high-speed Internet available throughout the county. She chairs Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation and chaired the Commission’s committee to create the Housing Action Committee for providing affordable housing and addressing short and long term housing needs. An advocate for young families and seniors alike, she chairs Leelanau Early Childhood Development Commission and serves on Leelanau Senior Services Committee, working to strengthen collaboration between funding agencies for senior programs.

Fran Ereckson

A decision based on integrity
I am supporting Patricia Soutas-Little with my vote this year.  I have based my decision on my experiences working with Patricia as well as personal observations. What I know is that Patricia is a qualified individual with an umbrella of branches out reaching for care of the Community in which she lives…every minute of every day. Integrity is an easy word to say and write.  However, to be it, every moment…is to be respected.  This is Patricia Soutas-Little.

Kim McManama

A Compassionate Commissioner

It seems good policy to choose, for leadership in elected officials, persons who possess intelligence, experience, fairness, good communication skills and concerns for their constituents. Patricia Soutas-Little who is running for Leelanau County Commissioner in District 5, is such a person. Patricia provides voters of Leelanau County an opportunity to elect a smart, compassionate Commissioner committed to Leelanau County. We have known Patricia for over a decade and have seen her work countless hours on residents’ behalf. All benefit by her election to the Leelanau County Commission.

Sandra Carden
Suttons Bay

It’s refreshing to see a politician who is so gracious

Mrs. Soutas-Little has a remarkable history in business and community service. In this day and age of complex issues, we need commissioners with fine academic credentials who can clearly understand and wisely deal with them. Patricia has a college and master’s degree … and has served on the faculty of Michigan State University. She has proven to be an amiable, considerate, wise member of the board. I urge you to vote for Patricia Soutas-Little in the coming election.

Scott Craig

Intelligent, articulate, inclusive, realistic, thoughtful

A person who makes decisions based on carefully-researched facts, not a predetermined ideology. A vision for the county that seeks a balance of all of our interests, not just a single constituency. Sound like the right person to represent us on the Leelanau County Commission? Easy choice. Please vote for Patricia Soutas-Little.

EJ and John Fitzpatrick
East Leland

Re-Elect Patricia Soutas-Little
I would like to encourage voters to reelect Patricia Soutas-Little to County Commissioner.  In working on resolving the county courthouse land site in Leland she has be helpful, insightful, open minded and solution oriented.  She has represented Leland Township residents well and brings a pragmatic, bi-partisan approach to problem solving.  She has focussed on affordable housing and other key issues important to our township and county.  I would encourage voters to re-elect her.

Ross Satterwhite

Cares deeply about our Families
Our Leelanau County Commission needs continuity, civility, and consistency. Patricia Soutas-Little has shown tireless effort to serve our community, listen to her constituents, and problem solve solutions. She is working hard to bring high speed internet, affordable housing, and good paying jobs to the Leelanau. She cares deeply about our young children, struggling, working families and the environment. If you live in Centerville Township or Leland, I urge you to re-elect Patricia Soutas Little. She is a dedicated public servant.

Darlene Doorlag
Lake Leelanau

A proven history of problem solving and management expertise
There has been a lot of fuss lately in these letters about the candidate designation of Democrat or Republican.  It seems to me folks are missing the point.  Shouldn’t we be voting for the best candidate?  Clearly, the best candidate for the 5th District is Patricia Soutas-Little.  Patricia has a vision for Leelanau that is shaped by her effort to visit every home in her district and to listen to her constituents.  She has a proven history of problem solving and management expertise.  She is passionate about her concern for the future and all the people of Leelanau County.  Please join me in voting for the best candidate for the 5th District, Patricia Soutas-Little.

Christine Palmer

She has earned our support for another term
I supported Patricia Soutas-Little in the last election and have been extremely happy with her performance as the representative from Leland and Centerville Townships.  She has demonstrated the patience to persevere when working through difficult issues with fellow commissioners.  Patricia interest in early childhood development, and with the welfare of children in general, has been an encouragement to me that the County’s future is being represented.  As the president of the Suttons Bay Leelanau County Rotary Club, she worked hard with club members to raise over $17,000 for Blessings in a Backpack at the club’s recent fundraiser.  Her energy and spirit has resulted in strong leadership for our club. Please join me in voting for Patricia Soutas-Little for County Commissioner for Leland and Centerville Townships.  She has earned our support for another term.

Mike Fleishman