Re-elect Patricia Soutas-Little

Everyone asks me why I ran for County Commissioner for Centerville and Leland Townships. It’s because I believe the people of Leelanau County want to see their government work, and they want to see resolution to issues that benefit the people living in their respective communities. But more importantly, I believe they want someone who will listen to them, understand their position, and represent their views fairly.

I also think it’s important to have an independent thinker in this position, who will listen to all sides of an issue before making the best decision for the greater good of all.

Leelanau County needs experienced leadership, but it’s also crucial to have leaders who are innovative problem solvers, who understand all community viewpoints, and know how to address situations and issues as they arise. Constructive problem solving has been a big part of my life work throughout my career, and I believe this kind of experience will be very beneficial to the County.

We need to look to our future and understand the needs of our small businesses. How can we help and support them, and encourage them to stay in Leelanau County? We need to look at ways to support our agricultural industry which is so vital to our area. And we need to find ways to bring our children home, which means discovering new opportunities to encourage clean manufacturing and service technologies which translate into good, well-paying jobs.

Leelanau is special—it’s incredibly vibrant and diverse and the people are amazingly entrepreneurial. There are so many creative small businesses that are thriving. You see it also in the arts that abound everywhere in this region—galleries, musical festivals, painting, sculpture, individual artists, and writers. Of course, you can’t forget the wineries and their role in supporting both tourism and the arts. And to top it all off we also have the beauty of our national park and shoreline.

Robert and I have lived in Leelanau County since 2001 and vacationed here since the early 80s. People who live here, or who visit for an extended time, see more than the physical beautiful of Leelanau. People describe Leelanau as “special” and “magical”; visitors say “their cares melt away” when they reach the peninsula. I refer to it as the “spirit of Leelanau,” and to me it’s the people. Now I have an opportunity to give back, to be a part of helping Leelanau grow and continue to thrive.

That’s why I am running again for County Commissioner.
I hope that you will support me in this effort. Thank you.

Patricia Soutas-Little
Leelanau County Commissioner for Centerville and Leland Townships